We Specialize in

Software Developement

Owl Media and Design creates progressive web applications that work across all devices. Intuitive, easy to use, and made just for you.


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Aerial Photography and Videography

Our 107 Certified Drone Pilots will let your customers see you from another perspective.

120m (400 feet) High! Sadly, its the legal limit! Pitch us a few extra dollars and we will take the drone up higher – we are kidding.

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Web Design

We give you the option to use a theme, or have a custom web design created from scratch.

We left the theme on this website on purpose. It’s pretty awesome, huh? Best off all – you get DIY-Access to all of our web sites.

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Motion Video

Whether you are an aspiring rapper, a music artist or need a commercial promotional video – we will work with you!

We literally love all our video engagement opportunities, the unique flare that each captivating video brings!

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Social Media Management

All the fuzz about Social Media and how it has transformed marketing, social media strategies, key performance indicators and metrics, content creation – leave it ALL to us.

We will handle it.

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The miracle of life, that special moment when the knot finally gets tied, that portrait that is finally going to get Calvin Klein to notice you, that new renovation at your office.

Let us capture it – in all its glory, through the lenses of our cameras! We’d love to.

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Our Easy Process

We get our projects rolling, QUICK.

1. Planning Phase

 You send us what you need and we immediately start planning the design and the execution timeline for the project.

2. Design Phase

 After the initial plan and timeline is approved, the team immediately begins working on the first revision of the project. (Mobile Applications and Web Design)

For Videography and Photography, our team will meet with you to discuss the angles and type of shoots you need.

3. Revision Phase

 The team will provide a drafted design for Mobile Applications and Websites, the customer can choose to make changes to the design before it is finalized.

For Photography and Videography, the customer will choose angles and images before final editing.

4. Production Phase

 Once our customer is completely satisfied with the design and execution of the project, we will release it as production ready.

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