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Health Care Case Study

How we helped a health care organization increase their digital marketing conversion.

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Project Description


The health care organization we started working with had no social media management or marketing personnel. Their marketing was limited to TV Ads, Newspaper Ads and word of mouth. The organization wanted to change that and develop a social media marketing strategy that would broaden the organizations potential reach.

The organizations website was also outdated and although it received traffic, there was little to no conversion into appointments. Roughly one (1) website request per week.


Our team developed a 6-Month strategy that would focus on three key elements:

  1. Develop a functional website that was easy to use and up to date.
  2. Focus on improving content and communication on Facebook.
  3. Use Facebook to drive traffic to the website and the organization in order to measure the conversion into patient appointments.

After the three key elements were derived, our team set a few goals that could be easily measured.

Our KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) focused primarily on conversion.


Our team was hired to work closely with key staff in the organization that would help make decisions such as the following examples:

  1. What content to post based on our recommendations and ideas of the organizations staff.
  2. Who would have access to the social media management platform.
  3. What key initiatives and services would the organization offer on the website and promote through social media.

We used the gathered information to align the organization with the overall marketing strategy.

This allowed the marketing team to use the desired organizational initiatives to drive targeted traffic to the organizations new website.

The Process

The Playbook

Some of the 6-Month Results

There was significant improvement in the amount of patient appointments requested.