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What We Do

How we make the magic happen.

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Brand Strategy. Be visible.

Owl Media and Design specializes in creating comprehensive digital marketing strategies.

Our strategies are designed to produce results. Some factors taken into consideration are:

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Industry (Key Performance Indicators derived from Industry Best Practices)
  • Current State (SEO – Search Engine Analysis, Website Analysis, Social Media Analysis)

These are just some of the elements that help mold the overall marketing strategy. With your free consultation we will help recommend what the best direction for the marketing strategy is.

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Content Creation

Our design team helps your organization create engaging content.

With customer provided input, our design team works with you to create quality content that you are satisfied with.

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Trend Tracking

The Owl Media and Design marketing team tracks various events and key dates across a myriad of industries in order to consistently provide relevant content.

For example, when working with our health care customers, we provide information and social media toolkits for National Health Observances and Awareness months.

Additional content may include:

  • Local Events (Footballs games, etc)
  • Local News
  • National Holidays

When creating your digital marking strategy, our engagement team will provide lists of potential content.

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Web Presence Analysis

The Owl Media and Design engagement team will thoroughly analysis all web channels (Facebook, Website, Instagram, Google Search, etc) in order to provide recommendations on changes that may increase organizational reach.

Example web elements analyzed:

  • Website (Functional vs Informative)
  • Google Search (SEO – Search Engine Optimization)
  • Social Media Platforms

Our engagement team analysis over 20 potential channels of web traffic, providing a comprehensive report.

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Reach Thousands Of Visitors

Our consultations are absolutely free, we provide recommendations at no cost.

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